Satellite images of dream islands

    The Pirate offers you to discover islands of the world seen from the sky : Antilles, Oceania, Africa, Indian Ocean. Here is for example Bora-Bora. To see other islands, follow the links of the menu below. Space maps are interactive : left double-click zooms in the map, right double-click zooms out, left click holds the map and moves it.

Lesser Antilles : Martinique  Guadeloupe  The Lesser Antilles  Oceania : Fidji  Hawaii  Cocos Islands  Tonga  Easter Island  Wallis and Futuna  Samoan Islands  Marquesas Islands  New Caledonia  Society Islands  Africa : Canaries  Cape-Verde  Loos Islands  Bissagos Islands  Indian Ocean : Mayotte  The Comoros  Réunion