The Peninsula of the Caravelle : corsairs et buccaneers

     The peninsula of the Caravel advances on 12 km in the Atlantic Ocean. In the 18th century, it sheltered many corsairs and pirates, that found in its indented coasts an harborage for their ships. The authorities of Martinique shutted their eyes, fearing to adventure on these inhospitable earths.

Grand Rivière  Macouba

  Le Prêcheur               Marigot

                           Ste Marie    Tartane

 St Pierre   FondsStDenis               Caravelle

   Le Carbet         Gros Morne

Balata                     St Joseph                                            Le Robert


                         Le Lamentin  Le François

          Fort de France

                        Les Trois Ilets

                                                Le Vauclin


                         Ste Luce  Le Marin

                        Le Diamant

                                          Ste Anne