Mill dragged by animals in the park of Habitation Clément

     Here is a mill dragged by animals photographed in the park of Habitation Clément. Mills dragged by animals (oxes), were used on the domains where the exhibition didn't permit the exploitation of a windmill. They were abandoned at the end of the 19th century, and replaced by steam-powered machines.

Grand Rivière  Macouba

  Le Prêcheur               Marigot

                           Ste Marie    Tartane

 St Pierre   FondsStDenis               Caravelle

   Le Carbet         Gros Morne

Balata                     St Joseph                                            Le Robert


                         Le Lamentin  Le François

          Fort de France

                        Les Trois Ilets

                                                Le Vauclin


                         Ste Luce  Le Marin

                        Le Diamant

                                          Ste Anne